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Hosting & Speaking @ Real Estate Investor Summit

JG Francoeur, CEO of Visture Property Group & Property Management will be hosting and speaking at the Real Estate Investment Network SUMMIT March 19-20 >> The #1 source and resource for building passive or active income through investing in real estate – in up markets or down markets! https://reincanada.com/events/summit/ Join Canada’s top in-the-trenches real estate…Read More→

Why should you renovate your investment property?

Great question. Maybe you don’t have to, however maybe, you NEED to! There are so many reasons why doing a renovation to your rental property makes perfect sense. Get more money each month Change your renter profile Have less tenant turnover Compete in todays rental market But, how do you know what to renovate and…Read More→

Register for Visture Property Management Live Webinar

To be honest with you, at Visture Property Group we typically don’t have a lot of time for webinars and eduction, so this is a rare event for us. We are really excited to be able to share our time, experience and knowledge with you. This is a unique opportunity to hear from our CEO,…Read More→

Secret Weapon Unveiled – Leasing Bot

Secret Weapon Unveiled – Leasing Bot, here at Visture, we believe in using technology to innovate the field of property management. This industry is one typically run by old, stodgy, stale ideas and it’s time for a shakeup. Early in 2020 we introduced a whole new concept, a whole new idea to innovate a leasing…Read More→

Rent Increase During Covid

One of the most common landlord questions is “Should I raise my rent?”. There are a few things you need to consider before increasing it. At Visture Property Group, we do not increase the rent until the next tenant turnover. Unless the rent is significantly under the market value. But, if it’s on the market…Read More→