Who we are

Visture Property Group owns and operates different business divisions and properties throughout Ontario. We serve Oshawa, Peterborough, Lindsay, Kawartha Area, Orillia, Barrie, Huntsville, Ontario, the common thread that runs through Visture is Executive lifestyle without the hassle!

We want everyone who comes in contact with Visture to live a Richer Life. This includes our tenant clients, our property owner clients, our unit holders, our team of contractors, our suppliers and their families.

Visture Property Group is unique because we’re a family business that cares about its clients. We don’t buy into the old adage of ‘tenant and landlord’. We view our tenants as clients and treat them as such. Every client is VIP at Visture Property Group and Visture Property Management.

Managing Partners Mike & Jean-Guy Francoeur (father & son) team.

“Our mission at Visture is to enrich
lives through Real Estate”


Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO, an author and serial entrepreneur, I love being able to make a difference and leave this world a better place. Visture Property Group was founded with Vision and the Future in mind (hence “Vis_Ture”).

Mike Francoeur

Chief Operating Officer

As the COO and former mining executive I bring governance, excellence and a commitment to completion. Put plainly, we deliver on our promises.

    Celine Mallette

    Leasing Coordinator

    As Leasing Coordinator at Visture, I am responsible for leasing our properties from the start of the process all the way to the end. I am involved in determining leasing prices, advertising the properties, accumulating applications, accommodating showings, finding the most suitable candidates, and finalizing the leases.
    Read More I am also a Licensed Paralegal and head of the Legal Department. Sometimes, owning a rental property can require legal action or eviction. And, there are many reasons you may find yourself in a position that would require representation and expertise to make sure that the issue is being properly handled. No matter the situation, if your property is involved in a legal dilemma, I am here to help!

    Jason Tress

    Sales Coordinator/Project Manager

    I am pleased to have two roles in the Visture organization. I am the Sales Coordinator as well as the Project Manager for any construction projects that our clients require. As the Sales Coordinator I have the pleasure of explaining our intensive leasing process and the benefits of having Visture Property Management as your management
    Read More company as well as answering any questions about our agreements and helping to make your life easier.

    If you ever require any renovations or a legal conversion to be done to your property, I would be your point of contact. As Project Manager I oversee every aspect of the renovation and conversion process. Right from permits, to drawings, estimating, handling contractors, scheduling and final inspections. With a transparent online system that tracks every part of the project you will always know what is happening and I am always only a call, text or email away if you have any questions.


    Project Coordinator

    As the Project Coordinator at Visture Property Group, I assist the Project Managers on a daily basis to ensure they can focus their expertise on our clients and their projects.

    Nancy McCrea

    Visture Administrator

    As the Visture Administrator my role is to work with our property management client and tenants to ensure they are 100% satisfied with our five star service.

    Caitlin Javier

    Admin Assistant

    Being the admin assistant of Visture, my main goal is to make sure that all our records are updated and synced. That makes setting up your profile and records are one of my top priorities. I am also responsible for making sure that your properties and tenants are properly set up on all our platforms.
    Read More I also manage the leasing inquiries and coordinate maintenance requests. I look after the tenants outstanding balance and send them corresponding notices. Need help setting up your portal? I am the one to call! Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

    David Maxwell


    David is a former bank manager turned entrepreneur. Tired of the corporate hustle and wanting to live a freer life, he spends his days helping his aging parents and working on his own terms doing what he loves - real estate education, online entrepreneurship, and helping others.
    Read More He has a passion for traveling, golf, real estate, and watching hockey.

    Andrew O’Neill

    Construction/Maintenance Team

    I’m on the construction and maintenance team and I spend my days contributing to Visture’s various construction projects. My secret (not so secret) love is working outside in the gardens and ensuring our properties look amazing from the inside and out.

    Sharriez Cardenas

    Finance Assistant

    As Finance Assistant, I am responsible for ensuring that your initial payment, monthly payment, and even the utility payment were recorded in time and adequately.
    Read More I am also responsible for securing all the invoices to suppliers that were paid on time and charged adequately to property and the payouts to the property owner. Should there be financial issues and concerns or what’s in your financial statement, I am one of the go-to people. And I willingly help you.

    Janice Damasco

    Executive Assistant

    I’m the Executive Assistant to JG Francoeur. I’ve worked directly with JG and his various companies for many years and I coordinate all of his meetings and tasks across 5 different companies JG is a part of.

    This amazing team of individuals helps keep Visture Property Group and Visture Property Management as Peterborough’s #1 source for real estate investments and property management services in Oshawa, Peterborough, Lindsay, Orillia, Barrie & Huntsville.