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Densification: Unlocking Real Estate Investors Cash Flow Potential

Real estate investing is an enticing field for those seeking to generate passive income and build long-term wealth. While traditional methods have their merits, savvy investors are increasingly turning to densification as a strategy to maximize cash flow. In this blog post, we will explore how real estate investors can harness the power of densification…Read More→

Coach Homes Are The Future of Real Estate Investments

At Visture Property Group we believe the next ten years will provide investors with a unique opportunity to invest in coach homes given the Ontario Governments recent Bill 23, or the More Homes Built Faster Act. Investors who already own property where a coach home could be added will be well advised to consider this…Read More→

👀 Visture’s 2023 Real Estate Forecast

Right now, the real estate scene is slow, quiet, and things can be confusing and can get all mixed up. Buyers and investors are making all sorts of crazy moves, but all in all, we’re calling 2023 “Sleepy 23” for our fun and fearless forecast. This year is going to be a sleepy year—for real…Read More→

Thankful to Give Back to the Peterborough Community 🧡

Visture Property Group is committed to supporting the community, especially those in need. This year, we are continuing our annual tradition of giving back by providing Thanksgiving dinner for up to 5 families within Peterborough.  It would be our honour to take care of 5 families’ Thanksgiving dinners and would love YOUR nominations on who…Read More→

Combating Rising Lumber Costs with Insulted Concrete Forms (ICF)

A silver lining to inflation and rising lumber costs is, by comparison, building products that were once considered exclusively high-end and costly might be the more affordable option now! Take insulated concrete forms, or ICF for example. ICF is an h-shaped structure that allows concrete walls to be cast between insulation layers. What this means…Read More→