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Rent Increase During Covid

One of the most common landlord questions is “Should I raise my rent?”. There are a few things you need to consider before increasing it. At Visture Property Group, we do not increase the rent until the next tenant turnover. Unless the rent is significantly under the market value. But, if it’s on the market…Read More→

Introducing the Leasing Robot

LIVE EVENT: On Sept 17 @ 8pm ET come learn how this breakthrough technology can save property managers and landlords 3 hours per day on average! https://remi360online.com/LeasingBot ## Take a minute to imagine the perfect leasing process. You generate an inquiry to a property, have a phone conversation to position the new lead, have the…Read More→

Visture Property Management Peterborough’s Latest Project

Visture Property Management Peterborough is proud to mark the end of our latest home transformation.  What started as an eyesore — a non-contributing property in the surrounding community is now a gorgeous space and a huge win for the Visture team, its partners, and Peterborough. It is in our dedication to solving the housing shortage…Read More→

property management peterborough virtual staging
Introducing Visture Property Management Peterborough’s Virtual Staging Service!

Staging is one of the most important steps towards generating inquiries into a property but has long been a point of contention for owners of rentals. Effectively showing off your property is the difference between successfully leasing your apartment or not, yet the ability to properly stage a space has long been a financial gatekeeper…Read More→

Should you allow tenants with pets?

Let us talk about pets. Most of us have pets, may it be cats or dogs and they are adorable. The question is if you are renting a property, should owners accept tenants have pets? Here at Visture, we definitely say YES! You might be concerned about horror stories of pets damaging the property and…Read More→